• EL Nozha, EGYPT
  • 8 Ghaleb Hammouda Al Otaibi


Farming & Agricultural Management

Agricultural management at Al Shams Agro Group is highly mechanized, using the latest methods in agricultural processes. We use, for example, a fertilization system which works automatically, based on the analysis of our trees and soil in laboratories in California, USA.

We develop an annual agricultural administration plan for an area of nearly 1000 acres based on information from an advanced computer system which supplies professional data on humidity, temperature and water analysis.

Our fresh fruits are pesticide-free as we apply biological pest control methods such as killing bags, pheromones and paper traps. Part of the farms are organic as we use natural fertilizer (compost) produced by the Al Shams Agro Group Compost Plant.

Our farms are always given priority by the Group's management as they are the base of all the manufacturing operations carried out by Al Shams Agro Group.